Andrew Sullivan’s “profound demoralization” about Obama’s chances has now blossomed into delicious full-blown panic. So much so that he tweeted his “Obama’s Implosion Update” last night with the hashtag #sullypanic.

His unparalleled uterine forensic expertise is useless in an election without Sarah Palin on the ballot and the renowned OB-GYNutjob fears “that Romney will win this election now.” SULLY PANIC!

I know this isn’t constructive criticism. But I cannot say I feel invested in a candidate who preferred to spend a day goofing off than prepping for his first debate. If you do that, and forfeit the debate, how on earth do you motivate your base to work their hearts out for you?

And yet Obama did not lose the debate. For the first time I can recall, he forfeited it – and we are where we are. No sitting president since debates began has ever lost a first debate by the margin Obama did. I don’t think any challenger has ever done that badly either in terms of impact (suggestions welcome for a precedent of some kind). So what to do?

The leader of the Trig Truther movement is just “a dash” nutty? Who embraces the cuckoo panic better: Sullivan or the Sullivan parody account that popped up yesterday?

Now that he’s declared #sullypanic, it really is time for a selfless soul to keep watch on Sullivan.