It appears devoted Twitchy reader Ellen Barkin is sick and tired of being quoted accurately by Twitchy.

Bless her precious heart.

“Poetic license”: we do not think that means what you think it means, Ellen. We hate to take issue (yet again) with our number one fan’s commentary about Twitchy’s reporting, but hell’s bells, she makes it easy.

One more time with itsy bitsy words: Twitchy reports “who said what.” We do that by embedding people’s tweets.

So when Twitchy reports that Barkin tweeted, “Yes I vote Pres Obama…to protect his ppl,ALL his ppl,” there’s no “poetic license” involved. In her cuckoo estimation, Obama doesn’t work for the American people; they’re his property. (Sorta goes along with the whole creepy Obama cultism thing.)

But since that icky Michelle Malkin links to Twitchy from her social media accounts, you know, “poetic license.” Because that makes sense.

Ever eager to baffle her fellow Twitchy readers by denying the meaning behind her words, Barkin responded to the claim that she feels Americans “belong to” Obama.

Who’s being literal now, Ellen?

Note to Ellen: Twitter doesn’t do “bold.” Great idea, though! Cher would have a field day.

Odd. Libs know enough about Romney’s tax returns to rage about how he paid too much for their liking. Is Barkin falling behind on her Twitchy reading? The nerve!

She’s got us there with that retweet. We don’t want lapdog fact-checking to get in the way of the election.

And … it’s all about race, natch. Talk about “The New Normal.” Take another drink and have another ready.

This election’s got nothing to do with race, doll and it is about our futures. It’s about making sure the president works for us and not the other way around. And it’s about ensuring we remain free people, not “his people.”

But thanks for your loyal readership, Ellen. We hope we’ve cleared things up for you.


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