Oh, the giggle fits! Our sides can’t take much more!

Media Matters’ Oliver Willis popped on a bright red clown nose this morning and tweeted that “actual reporting” is really more of a liberal thing than a conservative one. His examples? These shining beacons of “real reporting”: Mother Jones, Talking Points Memo, The American Prospect and — snort! — Media Matters.

Oh, and just so you know, BuzzFeed doesn’t count as a liberal site.

Actress Ellen Barkin once asked, “This Twitchy, is it real?” We’re tempted to ask the same about Willis.

Evidently it’s not a parody account!

Some conservatives interrupted our giggle-wheezing to agree with Willis.

Fair enough; an influx of cash for conservative media would be great.

But you left out the sneer quotes around “reporting.” Lapdog regurgitation of White House talking points doesn’t actually count. And neither does stacking the news cycle with laughably false “facts” that have to be debunked by bloggers. The Left kicks the Right’s behind at funding investigative reporting, but liberal sites often fail to do the “actual reporting.”

Now back to the giggling!