But … but … post-racial America!

You’ve heard the song (laced with racial profanity, natch). You’ve seen the t-shirt. Now feel the healing of the nation’s racial divide as the oh-so-observant Twitterverse trends “My President is Black” after Obama’s DNC speech. How’s this for a #CelebratoryFinish?


Hey, it’s Obama, Joe Biden and the first black president!

Russell Simmons’ Global Grind claims that image from the Obama campaign Tumblr “has proven just how hip they are.”

Liberals have predicted catastrophic minority suffering if Mitt Romney wins the election, and the Left’s preoccupation with race was on full display at the Democratic National Convention.

“Once you vote black you never go back. Obama 2012.”

As always, progressives conveniently forget the whole “content of their character” thing and judge men and women solely by the color of their skin. For the race-obsessed Left, “my president is black” trumps getting the nation’s businesses back in the black.