Rut-roh. The White House is innovating again. This never ends well.

A group of Presidential Innovation Fellows has been recruited to take on five “game-changing projects.” Translation: the White House is sponsoring a new round of cringe-worthy, expensive meddling in the private sector.

Office of Personnel Management director John Berry had some advice for the first class of Innovation Fellows.

Fail early — perhaps President Obama can recycle that motto for his campaign.

Or maybe a slogan with more Chicago flair? “Fail early, fail often.”

The Innovation Fellows program comes complete with its very own composite woman, natch.

Poor Alice. If she has to rely on Papa Government to rescue her, she never stood a chance. And it’s definitely “Papa” Government — as some Twitter users noted, the oh-so-feminist White House still seems to have a lady problem.

When will the Republican War on Women end?

So what projects will the Innovation Fellows be targeting for early failure?

Sounds like a plan. A superfluous, wasteful plan for yet another superfluous, wasteful government program.

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