After coming under fire for a bigoted tweet about Mitt Romney’s “magic underwear”, noted religious scholar Cher finally decided to find answers to her questions about those darn secretive Mormons. Apparently she now considers herself fully qualified to fill us in on Mormon “tenants.”

Do they pay the rent on time? Are they considerate neighbors? Do they clean up after their pets? C’mon, Cher. We’ve got to know!

The incoherent diva also shared her thoughts on Paul Ryan and his supposed devotion to Ayn Rand’s “tenants” (debunked here).

We’re not really familiar with Rand’s time as a landlord, but we’re guessing she wasn’t big on the idea of rent control.

Oh, and what’s that Cher?

We’ll make a deal with you, Cher. You try writing comprehensible tweets and we’ll do our best to explain them.


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