Sadly, we don’t get to see former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs bumble his way through press briefings anymore. But for a taste of the good ol’ days of awkward, frantic, morally vacant spin, we can turn on MSNBC.

Today on “Morning Joe,” Gibbs was asked about the despicable Priorities USA ad that falsely linked a woman’s death from lung cancer to Mitt Romney.

Hey, why not? It’s not like the Obama campaign is denouncing the ad.

Feigning a lack of familiarity with the “specifics,” Gibbs refused to condemn the smear. But he did manage to parrot all the liberal talking points.

And here we thought we had to combat the lies generated by the Obama machine with pesky facts. Now we find out that lies are inherently ineffective? Minds blown! Think of all the time we’ve wasted!

For the record, the ad wasn’t just ugly, it was revoltingly inaccurate.

Does Gibbs believe anything is out of bounds when it comes to demonizing Romney?

We’re not.

Even liberals cringed at Gibbs’ refusal to denounce the sleazy ad.

When will Robert Gibbs acknowledge the blood on his hands? When?