Yeah, about as transparent as a concrete window set in a stone wall and reinforced with lead. Behold the mind-blowing chutzpah in this tweet from President Obama’s official Twitter account:

Note that this graphic is a product of Obama’s “Truth Team.”

After President Obama invoked executive privilege to shield documents related to the government’s deadly Fast and Furious operation, he can’t possibly be playing the “honesty and transparency” card against Mitt Romney, can he?

Nope, no hacking. Just unabashed hubris and astounding gall.

Since President Transparency went ahead and pulled that trigger, conservatives are returning fire.

And it’s not just Fast and Furious that has them calling out the president’s complete lack of transparency.

Secret meetings with lobbyists. Thousands of FOIA requests denied. The Rashid Khalidi tape covered up. Lie after lie about running the most transparent administration ever. The list goes on and on.

Honesty and transparency matter? Perhaps a president living in a glass White House shouldn’t throw stones.