Looks like the Soros monkeys at Media Matters have their next boycott project.

After Revlon chairman and chief executive Ronald O. Perelman hosted a Romney fundraiser at his East Hampton home Sunday, progressives are calling for a boycott of all Revlon products.

Never mind that Revlon raises tens of millions for cancer research and sponsors numerous charitable efforts, including a mobile mammography unit. Never mind that Perelman has dedicated his life to medical philanthropy.




Screw the sick! Screw the poor! Because, Romney!

High-dollar fundraisers? Like the $40,000 per plate fundraiser where Obama bemoaned all the people “hurting out there”?

Yes, clearly Revlon’s philanthropic projects are all about the 1 percent.


Aw, so sorry boycotting is hard work. Wouldn’t want to put yourself out.

Maybe they can join forces with the Boycott Israel Campaign.

Progs have their work cut out for them if they want to silence Romney by attacking his donors.