It’s an age-old tale: CNN anchor meets girl by harassing her on Twitter; girl refuses to accept anchor’s further advances; anchor has a Twitter temper tantrum.

On Sunday, Piers Morgan joined thousands of Twitter users in mocking 21-year-old Georgia Ford for tweeting, “‘Is Wimbledon always held in London?”

Say, wasn’t it the infallible Morgan who said this about male comedian Patrice O’Neal?

It’s a sad day for comedy with the death of Patrice O’Neal, who I know that you knew. She died of a stroke today. I want to take a quick look at Patrice on Jimmy Fallon, to remind everyone just how funny she was.

But go ahead, Piers. Keep tossing those stones from your glass house.

Ford deleted her account after relentless abuse from the Twitterverse.

But as it turns out, the question wasn’t as dumb as many thought.

Note to Piers Morgan:

Nearly 24 hours later, Morgan decided he felt bad for helping harass a young woman into deleting her Twitter account.

Ever the magnanimous chap, Morgan offered to go one-on-one with Ford on the radio.

Ford declined the invitation via Facebook.

So the oh-so-classy Morgan let her have it again.

Waaaaaahhhhh. What, she didn’t stroke your ego after you dumped on her, Piers? The nerve!

Team Georgia called out the douchetastic Morgan’s arrogance and tasteless self-promotion.

As for Georgia Ford, if her fans have their way, she’ll be back on Twitter soon.