This morning, horror of horrors, conservative blogger SooperMexican committed an indefensible offense in his quest to hold Andrea Mitchell and MSNBC accountable for airing a deceptively edited video of Mitt Romney. He — gasp! — spelled Mitchell’s Twitter handle wrong.

Does the conservative War on Twitter Handles know no bounds?

The official Twitter account for MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ let SooperMexican know that this sickening (and probably racist) typo was an aggression that would not stand.

Deflection, thy name is “Morning Joe.”

Unlike the “real journalists” at MSNBC, SooperMexican is “just a blogger” — just a blogger who’s has been kicking media ass since exposing Mitchell’s agenda-driven video smear of Romney. Using the #RetractMitchell hashtag, SooperMexican has pummeled MSNBC hosts and producers over the Wawa-gate hatchet job, tirelessly demanding that they “recognize and make amends for Andrea Mitchell’s abject dishonesty and pedantry.”

And that just doesn’t fly with the drooling lapdog media.

SooperMexican was quick to respond.

Ding ding ding! We have a winner.

Now, if someone can kindly arrange for the ‘Morning Joe’ team to have a public meltdown like this, we’d be eternally grateful.

Make it happen! For now, we’ll entertain ourselves by watching this delicious bit of video.