Twitter addicts who measure their self-worth in retweets (yes, we they exist) have a new tool to obsess over, and it’s built right into Twitter. Yes, Twitter can now count past 50.

Tweets past, present, and future now show their exact number of retweets and favorites instead of showing “50+” if they pass that count — a move that could promote vanity and competition on Twitter. Since the change is applied retroactively, you can see a tweet about stopping polio from Bill Gates last year got 1,178 retweets and 119 favorites, and yes, all Justin Bieber had to do was tweet “New York City. #BELIEVE” this week to score 22,276 retweets.

Aw, our widdle microblogging service is all growed up!

Some Twitter users are thrilled with the new feature.

Sweet, sweet validation! But the new service is not for everyone.

Aww. Give these guys a RT or two.