Super PAC American Crossroads ignited a firestorm of criticism this morning with a gaffe tweet speculating that Commerce Secretary John Bryson might have knocked a few back before steering his Lexus into a series of Los Angeles County vehicles.

American Crossroads deleted the tweet after a Commerce Department spokesperson said Bryson had suffered a seizure.

ABC reports that two other tweets were deleted.

After deleting the tweets, the super PAC tried to make amends to a crowd armed with pitchforks and torches.

American Crossroads spokesman Jonathan Collegio told Talking Points Memo:

“The hashtag (about his driving #skills) attempted levity, but it communicated poorly. We took it down,” Collegio said. “I regret the tweet.”

But contrition wasn’t enough. Cue the cries of “LIBEL!!!111!” and “SLANDER!!!!11”

When a Republican-aligned super PAC offends, it’s not a misstep, it’s a malicious lie.

This from the same deceitful Left that insisted 17-year-old Laura Bush killed a classmate with her car because she’d been drinking

Obama super PAC co-founder Bill Burton, also known as Pig Maher’s boy, had the gall to dump on American Crossroads for joking about Bryson’s crashes before reading the latest news.

Really? Less classy than when million dollar donor Bill Maher called Romney a cultist? Less classy than when Pig Maher aimed his misogynist “humor” at Bristol Palin?

Spare us the selective outrage.

As Ace of Spades pointed out on Twitter yesterday, the Left has an absurd double standard for what kind of comedy is acceptable.

What American Crossroads tweeted may have been offensive. But the group’s true crime was tweeting while conservative.