Gee, who could’ve seen that coming? American women see right through the Democrats’ cynical manufactured War on Women.They’re not buying that Obama is the first female president and they’re sick to death of being asked to vote with their ovaries.

A new ABC/Washington Post poll shows Obama’s lead among women collapsing:!/jaketapper/status/204890742211088385!/jaketapper/status/204891527581937664!/EyeDoc11/status/204897336441315328

Jim Geraghty highlights one of the poll’s findings about the narrowing gender gap:

Obama leads by 7 points among women who are registered to vote, 51-44 percent, compared with 57-38 percent in 4April. (It’s now a 47-49 percent Obama-Romney contest among men.) The change chiefly is due to married women, who went from a scant 4-point tilt toward Obama last month to a 38-55 percent split in Romney’s favor now.

That’s a 21 point shift among married women. In favor of Romney. Time for the Obama campaign to roll out a distraction. No, no, Obama’s not losing women because SQUIRREL!

Geraghty points out another finding on married women’s opinion of life under Obama:

Married women are more apt than men, or other women, to say they’ve gotten worse off rather than better off under Obama’s presidency

Yes, despite the constant pandering, women believe they’d be much better off with a president who doesn’t condescend to them with manufactured composite women and incessant yapping about phony wage gaps, free birth control, and those pesky “punishments” known as babies. Women want jobs, freedom, and security for all Americans, not handouts that mortgage away their children’s future.

So, of course, the spin begins:!/rickklein/status/204898202531536897!/Schwabcycler/status/204899861265518592

Will we see much media coverage of this major shift among married women?!/JammieWF/status/204925553092993024

Exit question from Jammie Wearing Fool:

Imagine if there was a swing in any category of 21 points in Obama’s favor. You suppose that would generate some headlines?