Morning meltdown with Cher: jellyfish, Satan, and GOP wing-nuts

Posted at 8:18 am on May 03, 2012 by Jenn Taylor

Whoa, Cher. Easy on the question marks. There’s no shortage, no need to hoard them all for yourself.

Cher went heavy on the extraneous punctuation and capital letters, light on that pesky little thing called truth during an early morning rant about wing-nutty wing-nuts who do wing-nutty things. We’re not surprised. Disjointed rants are kind of her thing.

A candidate with guts and heart vs. a jellyfish with mommy issues? Why, she’s almost got us convinced!

Great advice! Even jellyfish know that Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Rachel Maddow are the Edward R. Murrows of our time.

That’s right. Cher would never spend a thousand bucks on something as silly as a blouse when there’s a whole world of headdresses and wigs just calling her name.

Romney fired a gay advisor? Does she make this stuff up as she goes along?

Richard Grenell resigned from his position as national security spokesperson for the Romney campaign despite efforts to persuade him to stay. Funny, Cher didn’t reply to this tweet calling her out on her lie.

Looks like Cher believes in life after facts.