It’s a space nerd holiday in New York this morning as the Space Shuttle Enterprise flies to its new home at the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum.

Space Shuttle Enterprise is tentatively scheduled to fly to New York on Friday, April 27, between 10:30am and 11:30am, riding piggyback on a Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft.!/newstruthliz/status/195694485898919938

The flight path offers millions of New Yorkers the chance to capture spectacular images of the shuttle flying at an altitude of just 1000-3000 ft over the Hudson River and past New York City landmarks.

Check back throughout the morning as Twitchy collects the best images and videos tweeted by shuttle spotters.!/dcairports/status/195853690748403712

Obligatory tweet from Spock:!/TheRealNimoy/statuses/195847169276788736!/toddstowell/status/195874537190072320

Shuttle spotters are already gathering.!/AnthonyQuintano/status/195855318901723136

Follow along on Twitter at #spottheshuttle and #ov101.!/jstrevino/statuses/195863162027917312

Here's the map of the Space Shuttle Enterprise NYC fly o... on Twitpic

And we have liftoff just before 9:45 a.m. ET:!/GabrielleNYC/status/195871519249924096

Video of the departure from Washington Dulles International Airport:!/dcairports/status/195876817498947585!/Coonin/status/195884044309897219!/sd/status/195884501556133888!/urifintzy/status/195885217351872513!/BuzzFeedAndrew/status/195884054351065089

Shuttle flying by the BuzzFeed office.  on Twitpic!/ICSC/status/195886282814144512!/SchechterSays/status/195886498162282497!/timfo/status/195887821255487488!/nycgov/status/195886861498064896

View of Space Shuttle Enterprise flying over NYC from the Mun... on Twitpic!/NirPatel/status/195888367764897793!/jmtsn/status/195884522783510528

We had a great view of Enterprise from the @sciam offices in ... on Twitpic!/larry411/status/195889672042446849!/LincolnCenter/status/195885891686895618!/nancypontz/status/195892516636196864!/LouWoodley/status/195894258673262593!/petepachal/status/195890855549222912!/emily_cohn/status/195884957749624832!/NASA/status/195896145426399232

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