Samantha Brick was trending worldwide on Twitter this morning as she (and her mammoth ego) appeared on Britain’s ITV to justify her vanity. The Twittersphere marveled at the attractiveness of … the psychologist tapped by ‘ITV This Morning’ to chat with Brick about her widely mocked Daily Mail piece.!/StRemeze/status/187849184886530048!/erym/status/187847879350685696!/MsVixRobinson/status/187847008554459136!/ChrisGrimesJnr/status/187860869676404736

Here’s a pic of the psychologist, Emma Kenny, alongside Samantha Brick:

Kenny tweeted about the segment after it aired:!/emmakennytv/status/187855843277025281

While mockery of Brick and fawning over the shrink dominated Twitter commentary, here are a few highlights from the interview:!/KeirSimmonsITV/status/187846251885248512!/KeirSimmonsITV/status/187846886303088641!/KeirSimmonsITV/status/187848221928857601!/KeirSimmonsITV/status/187849865240391680!/KeirSimmonsITV/status/187850134883799040!/LJTreanor/status/187848358713507840!/sarcywitch/status/187848356175937537

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Keep an eye on that clock, Samantha. Your 15 minutes are speeding by.