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Lindsey Graham tells Chuck Schumer why the Senate should 'dismiss the article of impeachment once it is received'

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) posted a letter sent by him to Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (D-New York) outlining why, in his opinion, moving forward with a second impeachment trial of President Trump in the Senate is unconstitutional.


In his letter, Graham explained why he believes the Senate proceeding with another impeachment trial is “unwise and unconstitutional.”

“Both the plain text and the evident purpose of Congress’ constitutional impeachment power make manifestly clear that the Congress is without the constitutional power to impeach a president, once he has left office.”

“The impeachment power exists to protect the nation from the harm that an incumbent president might inflict upon the nation were he to remain in office, not to vindicate political grievences after a presient has left office.”


Whether Graham will be able to persuade other senators to accept his argument against a second impeachment remains to be seen.


Editor’s note:  The text of this post has been changed to reflect that Sen. Chuck Schumer is the Democratic Leader in the U.S. Senate, not the majority leader.

Editor’s note:  This post has been updated with an additional tweet.

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