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HRC pretty much made it clear that she'll do everything she can to keep you from owning a gun [video]

Those who think Hillary isn’t going to go straight for strict gun control policies as president are fooling themselves. This morning, she said that she still supports the idea of implementing a 25 percent tax on guns.


Now, check out the answer she gives when asked if the 2nd Amendment is a Constitutional right. (yes, that was an actual question)



To recap:  Hillary still thinks a 25 percent gun tax is a good idea and she is not sure whether the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution is Constitutional.


‘Not very Constitutiony, is she?’ Hillary wants to ‘take back the 2nd Amendment’ from NRA ‘extremists’

Hillary Clinton’s attempt to ‘protect the 2nd Amendment’ gets 21-musket salute from Piers Morgan

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