Referencing an article describing the self-contradictory nature of subsidies for non-gas-powered vehicles, Brit Hume asserts that while there will come a time when true demand (without carrots and sticks) for electric vehicles will exist, we are not to that point yet.

In addition to the exorbitant cost tagged onto them, the Wall Street Journal piece describes how electric vehicles are not as environmentally friendly as they are too often billed to be.

This from the WSJ commentary sums up the future for electric vehicles:

“Electric vehicles will take over the market only if innovation makes them actually better and cheaper than gasoline-powered cars.”

Problems tend to arise when government through its various means attempts to manufacture a market. Quality products tend to get purchased. Whether or not there will be significant market demand for electric vehicles or some form of gas-powered vehicle alternative at some point very much remains to be seen. As Hume tweets, “That day is not here and there are good reasons why.”