Scott Walker interprets the latest Democratic attack on corporations and profits (and ultimately, capitalism) by Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

Liberals are not derelict to remind us that they exist in a world where corporate profiting — people earning good money for doing good business — is problematic and, in their view, needs constant restraint by the federal government. That runs in contrast to the conservative mindset that profit-making businesses benefit the whole by employing people, keeping dollars moving in the economy, and providing quality goods and services.

Meanwhile, if it were not for an inflation-ridden economy, being presided over by the Biden administration in consultation with a Democratically-controlled Senate and House, there would undoubtedly be more profit-gathering right now in the United States by more corporations. Among the inhibiting factors facing U.S. companies are taxes, regulations, and the misuse of government spending in a misguided attempt to solve problems.