Since the Associated Press considers itself “an independent global news organization dedicated to factual reporting,” it would be problematic for an AP article to contain commentary packaged as news and facts.

Real Clear Politics co-founder and president Tom Bevan captured the following excerpt from an AP story.

“Bullock said that if Coney Barrett was confirmed, he would be open to measures to depoliticize the court, including adding judges to the bench, a practice critics have dubbed packing the courts.”

The latest version of the article contains the following note:

“This story has been edited to make clear that it is Bullock’s opinion, rather than a fact, that adding justices to the Supreme Court would depoliticize the court.”

To call increasing the number of Supreme Court justices “depoliticizing” would be an egregious political overstatement if made by a Democrat politician, much less a news organization.

Also, “packing the court” is not a phrase recently invented by opponents of the Democrats’ desire to increase the number of justices.

Americans need a news media that will tell us what’s going on without telling us how to react.