Texas Sen. Ted Cruz knows that having constitutionally-faithful justices on the Supreme Court is fundamental to maintaining our nation and the freedoms we enjoy.

Cruz said he believes Democrats will try to end the filibuster if they take the Senate:

If the Democrats win the presidency and they win the Senate, within a couple of weeks, [Senate Democratic Leader] Chuck Schumer will act to end the filibuster and I’ll tell you, I served with these Democrats. They have the votes. They will abolish the filibuster, which means the minority would not be able to stop any of their radical objectives.”

At Tuesday night’s debate, Joe Biden refused (yet again) to answer whether he would pursue packing the high court, which basically means Democrats would gain a liberal majority on the bench by expanding the number of justices beyond nine.

On Sunday, Cruz hit back at a CNN contributor for openly calling for Democrats to pack the court.

Cruz, a former SCOTUS clerk who has also argued cases in front it, understands the importance of maintaining a conservative majority, and he is sounding the alarm about the Left’s intention to ideologically transform the court.