On Sunday morning’s edition of ‘Meet the Press,’ host Chuck Todd read from a Letter to the Editor found in the Lexington Herald-Leader newspaper in Kentucky.

In the excerpt highlighted by Todd, the letter claims that those who support President Trump believe “fairy tales and lies.”

First question: Why would NBC News allow something like that to be read on their airwaves?

No matter what Todd may actually think about the letter, reading from it and calling it “fascinating” indicates a quasi endorsement by him and his team, not to mention the fact that he followed it up with the refrain, “voters want to be lied to sometimes.”

Second question: Why did NBC News think it was a good idea to read a letter that included an attack on religion on this of all mornings?

Members of the news media are supposed to report the facts and allow those watching to draw their own conclusions and form their own opinions. The reading of that editorial by Todd was totally unnecessary and further illustrates why Americans have such little trust in the mainstream media.



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