Sen. Lindsey Graham, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, appeared on “Fox and Friends” Friday morning to discuss what we will learn from President Trump’s authorization of Attorney General William Barr to declassify materials he deems appropriate.

Here is some of what he had to say:

“You’re going to find out the mentality of the people investigating the president. You’re going to find out exactly what they did and said. You’ll find out that (George) Papadopoulos was not working with the Russians, and they knew early on he had no contacts with the Russians. There’ll be some trancripts coming out.”

“They were warned about (Christopher) Steele … They blew through every stop sign.”

When pressed by Ainsley Earhardt about whether we will ever get to the bottom of the origin of the probe, Graham said:

“(William) Barr is going to look at it from a criminal point of view. (Michael) Horowitz is going to tell us about the FISA warrant and internally how the Department of Justice and FBI behaved. And I’m going to look at all of it to make sure it never happens again.”

Sen. Graham is depicted on next week’s cover of the New Yorker shining President Trump’s shoes along with Attorney General Bill Barr and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell.

After addressing the cover with humor, Sen. Graham didn’t mince words about the “crazy” Democrats.

Apparently, President Trump watched and enjoyed the segment.



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