In a recent interview with PBS, defeated Georgia gubernatorial candidate and Democrat Stacey Abrams said she would not oppose non-citizens voting in U.S. elections.

Yes, that is really a thing she said.

Since Democrats apparently don’t care if our country is without borders, why not let the whole world vote in our elections, too?

The fact that there are major officeholders (or nearly) out there who would actually think this, much less say it out loud and on a camera, is a very serious matter.

‘Fox and Friends’ host Brian Kilmeade ripped Abrams’ comments.

It is apparent that many on the Left have no idea what kind of dangers a lack of national sovereignty poses to Americans.

Or maybe they just don’t care.

Dems:  The alleged Russian collusion in the last election is so troubling we must stop everything, get to the bottom of it right now and impeach President Trump no matter what.

Also Dems:  Hey, why don’t we allow people from all over the world to vote in our elections?