ABC reporter Sarah Frostenson put out a stat from ABC News showing that Elizabeth Warren’s actual and expected result in her own Senate election was 15 points to the negative.

A thing for which Frostenson was attacked because how dare someone criticize the latest Democrat to announce a 2020 run.

She was running against an incumbent senator, Scott Brown, in 2012, as opposed to her being the incumbent in 2018.

Huge difference.

It couldn’t be because someone like Warren just isn’t very popular or likable.

It has to be something more sinister, like rightwing media.

Or sexism.

Keep in mind the Boston Herald has already told Warren not to run because she is not popular.

Meanwhile, Warren is laser-focused on improving her numbers with cringe-worthy attempts at trying to look like the average American.

With stuff like that and failed DNA tests, it’s impossible to imagine why she would be losing support.