With Nancy Pelosi setting up a select committee on the “climate crisis,” Democrats are making it very clear what they want to focus on going forward.

Because this is clearly the issue that Americans really care about.

It is also clear that the Democrats’ allies in the media are falling in line.

Then there’s NBC’s weekly Sunday talk show called “Meet the Press,” although today it should be called meet the climate because the ENTIRE HOUR was devoted to the “climate crisis.”

It even earned Chuck Todd a pat on the back from CNN’s Brian Stelter.

According to NBC’s own reporting, the climate didn’t even register on the exit polls from the 2018 midterm election.

The most important issue facing the country (via NBC):

Healthcare (41%)

Immigration (23%)

The economy (21%)

Guns (11%)

The special counsel investigation isn’t going as they had hoped.

Holding up funding for a border wall is turning more into a fiasco for them by the day.

So it is apparently time for Democrats to use climate change to ram home the leftist policies that most of America would never support.