NBC reporter Ken Delanian called the White House’s immediate declassification of documents and text messages without redaction “not normal” and said it would have “huge repercussions.”

He’s right that it’s not normal to have a special counsel drag an investigation on and on with seemingly no possible connection between the president and collusion with a foreign entity to sway the 2016 presidential election.

It’s cool for the Left and Robert Mueller to move the goalposts on an investigation that was originally intended to be about Russian collusion.

But once the Trump administration begins to bring shine light on what could end up looking like a conspiracy against him, a freakout ensues.

MSNBC does seem a bit nervous about the immediate declassification of these documents, which could point to what might be in them.

The problem for them is that these documents could end up having “huge repercussions” with the sentiment of voters.