Bill Mitchell slammed Ben Shapiro for calling for President Trump’s impeachment.

The problem? Ben Shapiro did not call for President Trump’s impeachment.

Here is the actual text of what Shapiro had to say on “Real Time” with Bill Maher via The Hill:

“I’m happy to wait for the Mueller indictments,” he added. “If they come down and they target Trump, I’m happy to see him impeached. But I need to see evidence.”

“If he throws it in the trash or quashes the Mueller investigation then, yes, impeachment should be on the table,” Shapiro said.

Perhaps Mitchell is intentionally confusing the issue for attention or simply hard of hearing. There were two gigantic IFs in Shapiro’s qualifying statements.

Either way, he did not say the president should be impeached. In a reasonable manner, he simply stated that it should be on the table if Trump unilaterally decides to end Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation or if evidence is produced that proves the president’s guilt.

Mitchell makes it sound as if Shapiro was singing an “Impeach 45” duet with Rep. Maxine Waters on Saturday.

If Trump fires Mueller, Shapiro will not be alone in thinking saying that impeachment should be on the table.