ABC has published an in-depth report on the social media habits of a potential Supreme Court nominee, Judge Don Willett.

As we have noted many times here on Twitchy, Willett has been a very active, entertaining and creative social media (particularly Twitter) user.

In the expose, ABC finds that Willett has published pictures of puppies and cornbread shaped like his home state, Texas:

“Willett, at the time a justice on the Supreme Court of Texas, tweeted out his son confusing “Eminem” and “eminent,” a picture of three puppies and a picture of cornbread shaped like his home state.”

AND, he has also engaged in making ‘dad jokes.’

In other words, they have no substantive issue with Willett’s potential nomination. They can only attempt to shame him for having fun on social media.

In December, Willett was confirmed to the Fifth Circuit United States Federal Court of Appeals.

While he has not tweeted since the first day of 2018, Willett has a social media presence that would be unprecedented for a Supreme Court justice.

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