CNN is reporting that Hillary Clinton’s reps are maintaining “total silence” regarding the sexual harrassmen allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

Apparently her response (or lack thereof) is a surprise to longtime aides:

Longtime Hillary Clinton aides have been confused by the former secretary of state’s silence on the issue, questioning — in private — why she has not weighed in at all.

Given that Hillary’s pinned tweet is a message to “all the little girls watching,” one would think that she’d be eager to speak out something as disgusting as the allegations against Weinstein. Guess not.

And it’s not just Mrs. Clinton being silent. Former presidents Clinton AND Obama also have yet to say anything about Weinstein.

Former Democratic Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, as well as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — all of whom have longstanding ties to Weinstein, a major Democratic Party fundraiser — have not publicly addressed the accusations.

It’s amazing what is deemed worthy of comment and what isn’t these days.