Texas A&M athletic director Bill Byrne expressed his skepticism about the Longhorn Network, which is an ESPN television network devoted to Texas athletics.

From AL.com:

“I think there’s too many other kinds of markets in Texas,” he said. “Comcast signed off (to distribute) every single ESPN product except the Longhorn Network. That says something. I think it takes more than one football game to drive a network.”

Byrne also indicated that he believes the Southeastern Conference, Texas A&M’s new home beginning this summer, will create a television network of its own.

“They’ve added about 35 million people to their footprint (with Texas A&M and Missouri), and we’re a pretty popular commodity in this state,” he said. “I suspect there should be enough of a footprint to do it. There’s certainly nobody better at this than Mike Slive. If that’s the right thing, he will do it.”