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Escaped inmate Gonzalo Lopez, an alleged member of the Mexican Mafia, linked to the murder of 4 children and an adult in Texas 

Gonzalo Lopez, an escaped inmate and an alleged member of the Mexican Mafia, was killed by police yesterday but not before he murdered a family of five in Centerville, Texas, including four children:


From the Texas Department of Criminal Justice:

He had stolen the family’s truck and possibly their guns as well:

This is horrific:


The house with the murdered family was near where Lopez originally escaped:

And how the f*** did he escape?

This account via the New York Post is unreal:

On May 12, Lopez was being transported from the Alfred Hughes Unit near Gatesville to a prison medical facility in Huntsville in a caged area of the prison bus when he broke free from his restraints, cut through the expanded metal of the cage and crawled from the bottom.

He then stabbed the driver, who stopped the bus and got into an altercation with Lopez, and they both eventually got off the bus.

A second officer at the rear of the bus exited and approached Lopez, who got back on the bus and started driving down the road, the department said.

The officers fired at Lopez and disabled the bus by shooting the rear tire, the department said. The bus then traveled a short distance before leaving the roadway, where Lopez got out and fled into the woods.


Lopez was serving two life sentences:


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