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New NIH study finds a link between Long COVID and 'a history of an anxiety disorder'

There’s a new NIH study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine that’s making the rounds this morning that will surely shake up the conversation on Long COVID:

First up, the study tested for a number of conditions and found . . . nothing:

“On the other hand, numerous biomarkers showed no difference between those post-COVID and controls, including tests for:

(1) general inflammation (e.g. CRP)
(2) autoimmunity (e.g. ANA)
(3) clotting abnormality (e.g. d-dimer)
(4) heart inflammation (e.g. troponin)
(5) Kidney function
(6) Liver function
(7) Blood levels
(8) Brain injury (neurofilament light chains)

In terms of heart function, assessed with ultrasound: Again, no differences between post-COVID subjects and controls.

There was no difference in percent with low oxygen levels either.

There was a distance in walk distance over 6-minutes compared to controls: 560m vs. 595m.”

Next, they report lung function tests.

Again, no differences, unsurprising given that the post-COVID patients mostly did not have severe pneumonia which damages the lungs.

And there goes that narrative:

But the study did find a link between those reporting Long COVID and a “history of an anxiety disorder”:

“The investigators identified few pre-COVID-19 risk factors for PASC, e.g. a history of an anxiety disorder. In contrast, there were no correlations between any of the diagnostic tests and the presence of PASC.”

Double welp!

And now we just sit back and watch the fireworks, because there will be fireworks:

A good question:



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