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As NY Mag questions if Joe Biden is too old to run in '24, even Chris Cillizza thinks he has 'been off script a whole lot of late'


Things are so bad for President Joe Biden right now that New York Magazine is openly questioning if he’s too old to run in 2024:


Even worse for team Biden? CNN’s Chris Cillizza noted the elderly president “has been of[f] script a whole lot lately” as well:

*We* did warn everyone this was going to happen:

Anyway, there’s really no way to discount the bomb that NY Mag is dropping:

“Biden has said in private that he sees himself as the only thing standing between the country and the Trumpian abyss and has instructed his aides to redouble their planning for a rematch.”

But “relatively few people outside the White House” believe the spin:


Well, it’s not so bizarre. People in D.C. live in this weird bubble and they just don’t understand how the rest of the United States works:

How can Biden bounce back when you can’t even put him in front of a microphone without the risk of a major gaffe, like what just happened with his comments on Taiwan?

Or, just admit he’s too old for the job! There’s no shame in it:

According to NY Mag, even big donors are starting to “poke around for alternatives in 2024”:


LOL. Do they think Barack Obama has some secret up his sleeve? During the last primary, every candidate but Biden crapped all over Obama’s legacy and now they think he’s the answer?

These people are delusional. They either run Biden or it’s Kamala Harris. Deal with it:

The word journos should use here is “narcissist.” Or does that at-home psych definition only work on the bad orange man?

And, too be quite honest, Dems should be more worried about Gov. Ron DeSantis as Trump’s age will negate a lot of the coming attacks on Biden’s age:


Sorry, Dems. It’s inevitable:



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