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Gridiron Dinner Covid superspreader event tally now at 53

Remember back in 2020 when it seemed like every blue-check liberal and journo was flipping out over photos from that Ozark pool party? There were a whole bunch of tweets like this:


And this:

But, surprise! None of those apocalyptic scenarios played out:

And that’s been true over and over and over again:

Now, that doesn’t mean superspreader events don’t happen. There’s one going on in D.C. right now and it’s tied to the Gridiron dinner. The latest his 53 people have Covid after attending the black-tie gala:



Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who didn’t attend the dinner, tested positive for Covid two days after that photo:

You’d think team Biden would be taking extra precautions, but nope:

Keep hugging!

Of course, now that it’s Dems and journos and such getting Covid and not the unwashed masses in an Ozark pool or on a Florida beach, we’re being told that “This is our new normal — one that’s based on individuals being thoughtful about their own risks and the risks they pose to others”:


Millions of us were calling for this for the past 18 months, so, welcome to the party? Amazing. *Now* they say that “people who want more protection can choose to wear a high-quality mask” instead of having EVERYONE wear bandanas and such and claiming they work:


Or. . .

It does seem more likely that if D.C. cases continue to climb, the city will go into some sort of lockdown again:


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