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'Yes, Sherlock, there is a pattern': Jen Psaki points out that Putin keeps invading Ukraine when Joe Biden is in office

In an interview this morning on CNN, White House press secretary Jen Psaki reminded everyone that for some unexplained reason, Vladimir Putin keeps invading Ukraine when Joe Biden is in office, first as Vice President and now as President:


“You know, I was at the State Department. The President was the Vice President the last time Russia invaded Ukraine. This is a pattern of horror from this present, from President Putin and from the cronies around him.”

Watch for yourself:

She accidentally said “the quiet part out loud”?

And, “yes, Sherlock,” we also see the pattern:

“Not great messaging” from the woman whose job it is to, you know, get the White House message across:

Thanks for the reminder, Jen!


We expect it won’t happen often:



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