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Bill Kristol and other blue-check 'conservatives' call out the official House Republicans Twitter account for ~checks notes~ mild criticism of President Biden

The official account for the House Republicans is under fire from blue-check “conservatives” over this tweet that mildly criticized President Joe Biden for his administration’s actions on Ukraine and Russia:


You see, this “is insane and feeds into Putin’s narrative.” From soon-to-be-former Rep. Adam Kinzinger:

And former GOP Rep. David Jolly says House Republicans should “demand Congress ensure resources are provided sufficient to represent U.S. interests”:

Here’s former GOP chairman Michael Steele saying “this is what disloyalty at home looks like”:


But of all these takes, Bill Kristol’s could take the cake:

Kristol went on to accuse Republicans of offering “no substantive suggestions for improving our policy”:

Except, that’s not what’s going on. Republicans have been begging President Biden to get tough on Russia for months:

And do you know who else has been begging Biden to get tough on Russia for months? That’s right . . . Bill Kristol:


How exactly should Republicans point out that this crisis right now is, at least partially, due to Biden’s hesitancy to impose greater sanctions over the past year?

And how come Kristol didn’t play the Putin card here when it’s Biden doing the “indefensible”?

Why, yes, we should have. But it wasn’t House Republicans holding this one up:


At what point will Kristol and these other blue-checks just admit Biden was completely wrong?


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