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'Something doesn't make sense': Bob Saget's autopsy report lists multiple skull fractures and hemorrhaging near the brain

The autopsy report for Bob Saget has been released and listed the actor’s cause of death as “blunt head trauma” that resulted in “multiple fractures to the skull and hemorrhaging near the brain”:


Earlier reporting did say he hit his head before getting into bed, but this is much more serious than that:

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a neurosurgeon, said the injuries looked like the kind you’d receive if you fell down a flight of stairs or were involved in a major car accident:

More from ER Dr. Megan Ranney:


But she cautioned that “this doesn’t mean it was INTENTIONAL trauma”:

With that said, former AUSA-SDNY Richard Signorelli tweeted that “something doesn’t make sense given his severe head injuries”:

Maybe it’s time to re-open the investigation?


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