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Megyn Kelly and Soledad O'Brien say the Zucker relationship was an 'open secret.' So, where were Brian Stelter and other media journos this whole time?

JeBrian Stelter says CNN was “stunned” by the Jeff Zucker resignation over a relationship with senior CNN executive Allison Gollust, but why were they? According to Megyn Kelly, the relationship was “an open secret in the media world” and “no one would touch it”:


Former CNN host Soledad O’Brien also called the relationship an “open secret”:

Over to you, CNN. Who knew what and when did they know it?

And, it turns out, Radar Online had the scoop on January 4 and we missed it:

That Radar Online story included this photo showing Don Lemon and Fareed Zakaria at the same concert as Zucker and Gollust:

The reporter who broke that story told Megyn Kelly, “this is just the beginning ” and it “is going to be a huge mess for CNN”:


Radar Online also reported the relationship started when both parties were still married:


So, what’s next? There has to be more and we are so here for it:


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