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Robert Reich has a good idea. Yes, let's compare living in Florida or Texas to states under full Dem rule

Robert Reich says, “Anyone curious about how America would do under full Republican rule needs only look at Florida or Texas”:


This is apparently in relation to the upcoming recall election of Gov. Gavin Newsom in California which, if he’s recalled and Republican Larry Elder wins, the state would not be under full Republican control anyway:

But he does make a good point. Let’s look at this in greater detail:

You know, there’s a reason why people are moving out of states that are fully under Dem control:

But it’s a mystery!

Since he is a former Secretary of the Treasury, we assume Reich gets the importance of this:


Yeah, libs really are owning themselves on this one:

Maybe he’s auditioning for a spot on Fox News?

“LMAO,” indeed:

And, nope. He’s not making the point he thinks he’s making.


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