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Hurdler Brianna McNeal, who says she missed a drug test while recovering from an abortion, gets a 5-year suspension and will miss the Olympics

In other Olympics news, hurdler Brianna McNeal lost her appeal at the Court of Arbitration for Sport and was hit with a five-year ban for missing a drug test in 2020:


She told the New York Times that she didn’t open the door for the officials in 2020 “because she was in bed recovering after an abortion”:

From the ruling:

She also altered the date on her medical records, via CBS Sports:

She told the AIU she altered the dates on her medical records after originally writing the wrong date for the surgery date.

She had just qualified for the Tokyo Olympics:


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This “could effectively end” her career:

According to the Washington Post, however, she’s a repeat offender and that’s why the ban was so harsh:

The five-year ban is longer than most track doping punishments because McNeal has violated rules before. After leading Team USA to a sweep of the hurdles in Rio, she was banned by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency for a year after missing three random drug tests in 2016. That caused her to miss the 2017 world championships.

She posted this message thanking her coach, training partners, her husband and Nike but she’s heartbroken over the decision.

“…but I guess my feelings are irrelevant, because the system just took away my career”:


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