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Dear New Yorkers: YOU voted for the power cuts right now, so why complain?

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio warned New Yorkers yesterday to cut electricity usage to “avoid energy disruptions during this heat emergency”:


“Omfg” is right:

But thousands of New Yorkers did lose power despite this plea to conserve electricity:

Maybe Times Square could turn off a few lights? Just a thought:

And we would like to point out that New Yorkers VOTED FOR THIS. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, keeping a campaign promised, celebrated the closure of the Indian Point nuclear power plant two months ago:

“Stay cool, New York,” tweeted Gov. Cuomo. Just do it without electricity:


And you can forget about wind power helping right now:

This was all so predictable. This editor back in 2016, for example:

City Councilman Joe Borelli wants to know how the city made up for those now-missing megawatts:

“Seriously . . .where is the power coming from”?:


He tweeted the answer a few hours later. It’s coming from fuel, natural gas and coal:

Great job, Dems! You’ve replaced clean-burning energy with dirty energy and it costs more yet is still not enough.

Maybe keep this in mind when you vote for governor next time?


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