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'Journalism...ish': The Oregonian deletes 'poorly worded' tweet on the police-involved shooting of a 'white male in his 30s' in Portland park

The Portland Police Department is investigating after an officer-involved shooting and death of white man at a local park on Friday morning:


Although The Oregonian ran into a little problem reporting on the incident and was forced to delete a “poorly worded” tweet on what went down:

Here’s a screenshot where the newspaper had said they included the man’s race “in light of social unrest prompted by police shootings of Black people”:

So there should only be protests if police wrongfully shoot a Black man? What?

As for the incident, the police claim they were called to the park to investigate a report of a “white male pointing a gun”:


There are multiple witnesses (this probably should read, “. . .he saw the guy *allegedly* w/a gun”:

The next tweet cleared things up where he said he did not see a gun but he did see the man “bend down to pick something up”:

This witness captured the shooting on video:


A second witness claimed the man who was shot did not have a gun:

The investigation is ongoing, but police officers were attacked by the mob:

From the Portland PD:

Portland Police have completed the on-scene investigation at Lents Park and have cleared the scene. During the time that investigators were doing their work, law enforcement countywide responded to assist with crowd control. The hostile crowd estimated to be over 100 people tore down crime-scene police tape and encroached on the work area. A line of officers had to create a blockade on multiple sides of the scene to keep the crowd back. Officers were hit with sticks and full water bottles were thrown at them. A group of people grabbed an officer’s baton and tried to pull it away. Officers deployed OC (pepper) spray to stop the criminal behavior. At least one police vehicle’s tires were flattened. As officers began to disengage from the scene, hostile individuals chased them, throwing things at them. Officers deployed inert smoke canisters in an attempt to help them leave, but individuals continued after them. A Rubber Ball Distraction Device was used to allow the officers to safely disengage. No officers were injured. There were some false claims online that tear gas was used, but that was untrue. Officers did not deploy chemical munitions. No arrests were made.

The investigation into the officer involved shooting is continuing, and more information will be released when appropriate.



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