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BUSTED-AGAIN: Cori Bush repeated her bogus claim that Marjorie Taylor Greene 'berated her' during an appearance on Joy Reid's show

Oh, FFS!

About an hour ago we posted the video that shows it was Rep. Cori Bush and her staff that started the altercation with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene in the Capitol earlier this month but, yet, here she is on Joy Reid’s show continuing to claim that it was the Georgia Republican who “berated her” and not the other way around.


Have a watch:

Rep. Bush claims here that she was concerned because Rep. Greene had her mask around her neck while she was live-streaming and “putting me at risk” and that’s what led to the shouting:

Yeah, well that’s BS. Watch the video from Rep. Greene again. It’s clear that her response to Rep. Bush calls out Dems for allowing a Covid-19 positive member as well as those in quarantine to vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House on January 3. Where was Rep. Bush’s concern then for “putting [her] team at risk”?

And the reason Dems had to do this because the vote was going to be so, so close and they needed every vote for Pelosi they could get:


But there was zero outrage from Dems at the time:





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