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Madison, Wisc. demonstrators attack openly gay state senator, throw statue of abolitionist Union colonel into a lake

It was a “night of rage” in Madison, Wisconsin last night as demonstrators destroyed two statues and attacked a state senator for filming their riotous behavior:


State Sen. Tim Carpenter says he was punched and kicked in the head for daring to document what was going on:

Sen. Carpenter is progressive and openly gay:

But protesters said he started it:

He’s taking a knee, but not in protest:

An ambulance had to be called:


Sen. Carpenter later tweeted out the video that provoked the mob:

One of the statues torn down was of Hans Christian Heg, an abolitionist colonel in the Union army who died during the Civil War:

They beheaded Col. Heg, ISIS-style:

And then threw him in a lake:

So much for the “summer of love”:

A second statue honoring the state motto was destroyed as well:


And she’s down:

The Capitol sustained damage as well:

Oh, and then the police showed up AFTER the statues were destroyed and a state senator assaulted:



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