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If there was voter suppression in Harris County, TX, we should blame the Dem County Clerk, right? RIGHT?

By now you’ve seen reports of massive voter suppression in Harris County, Texas after it took voters hours and hours to cast a ballot.

For example:




If it’s voter suppression, then shouldn’t we blame the Dem who is in charge of the county elections? Why is SHE suppressing the Dem vote?

Meet Diane Trautman, Harris County Clerk, who is somehow blaming Republicans for HER mess.

She says she proposed a joint election and that would’ve allowed voters to use any machine:

Although there is an open question if that really would have fixed things. The Harris County GOP rejected that idea citing a number of reasons, including:


We have had reports of Democrat election workers coercing Republican voters. The Democrat Party habitually accuses Republicans of intimidation. With the inevitable imbalance of personnel, one party’s workers at a poll would wholly or partly manage the other party’s primary at many locations. That would give rise to disputes and questioned election results. To minimize confusion, neither party should run the other party’s primary.

Full letter here:

We’re seeing that it was a combination of factors that cuased the long lines, including volunteers who didn’t show up and old machines:

Narrative busted. Again.




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