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'They employ morons': Teen who scooped everyone with the new Iowa poll says he has a 'vendetta' against CNN

Meet Arjav Rawal, a California high school student and former Eric Swalwell volunteer who — AGAIN — scooped everyone and released the latest Iowa poll sponsored by the Des Moine Register and CNN early:


Here’s his tweet before the DMR or CNN had released the numbers:

41 minutes later, the DMR tweeted it out:

Now, the reason he’s doing this is hilarious. It’s because CNN “employs morons” and he has a “vendetta” against the cable news channel:


The New York Times refused to print who he was talking about, however. It’s Chris Cillizza and Rick Santorum:

And LOL:

Rawal’s trick? He’s successfully guessed the URLS for the polls:

Well done.


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