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Here are the 20 best 'Your Mom' 2020 campaign slogans

What if “Your Mom” ran in 2020? it’s a funny thing to think about. And if so, what would her slogan be?


Here are the 20 best ones we’ve seen so far, but we’re pretty sure every mother has said each of these things at one point or another.

20. No fun allowed:

19. Transparency isn’t important:

18. Honor the past:

17. Fighting for the hungry and malnourished:

16. The role of technology in our lives:

15. Health-care spending will come up:

14. Fiscal responsibility:


13. Global warming is real:

12. Making hard decisions:

11. No deficit spending:

10. The importance of an education:

9. Pro-choice:

8. Change we can believe in:

7. A strong military is important:

6. Not all campaign messages are verbal:


5. Drain the swamp:

4. Cybersecurity is important:

3. It takes a village:

2. Bipartisanship:

And the No. 1 answer. . .



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